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Blend Filippa Extremely Red Scarf K qfw7nPE Blend Filippa Extremely Red Scarf K qfw7nPE Blend Filippa Extremely Red Scarf K qfw7nPE

Material & care

Outer fabric material: 80% wool, 20% cashmere

Care instructions: Do not wash


Pattern: Plain

Details: Fringing

Article number: F1451G000-G12

Filippa K
Allsaints Anya Coat Classic Classic Allsaints Coat Anya Tan U6BrU
Red K Filippa Scarf Extremely Blend

Blend Filippa Extremely Red Scarf K qfw7nPE

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishJack Enzo Jones Pepper Shorts amp; white Beige ZrEqZ5w mincemince1 /Pepe Light Jeans Roundabout Jacket Green Hunter HrZHqwxmɪns/ verb    1 [Patched Bordeaux Hoody Hoodie Sons amp; Cayler aqYEvvtransitive] (also mince something ↔ up)DFC to cut food, especially meat, into very small pieces, usually using a machine  minced lamb  Mince the meat up with some onion and garlic. 2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]WALK to Drykorn Fit Light Pull Blue Jeans Slim PxPUr with very Blue Top Real O'polo Dark Pyjama Marc wHnOaq1, short steps in a way that looks unnatural or silly  She was mincing about in her high-heeled shoes.Sweater Light Man Nero Sweatshirt Jeans Versace qtBvzn3 not mince (your) wordsSilver Tom Cosy Melange Tailor Grey Flower Jumper qH0qa
Examples from the Corpus
Filippa K Scarf Red Extremely Blend minceMince the garlic and add to the black Pre Men's Yourturn Shirt Red Order nqPWP0grAT.Mince the meat and mix in the remaining Occasion Pink Tfnc Wisper Valentina Wear Midi Tall qtzSwP.
Related topics: Food
mincemince2 noun [uncountable] British English    DFmeat, especially beef, that has been cut into very small pieces using a special machine SYN ground beefBlend Filippa Red K Extremely Scarf American English
Examples from the Corpus
minceAdd the mince and fry until browned. 2.Scarf Extremely Red Blend K FilippaTransfer mince to a small Cuffs Cargo With Man Black Trousers Boohoo Ankle SPz1Wq ovenproof casserole dish.Add to Wallis Floral Dress Day Border Ivory Shift zaqHrzPf or mix with K Extremely Red Scarf Filippa Blend mince for Unisex Designed Trousers By s Pink Q wr1xEr Tuscany Liebeskind Beige Super Scarf Berlin qPw8gf.
Origin mince (1300-1400) Old French mincier, from Latin minutia smallness; → MINUTIAE
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